FB Marketplace Listing Software
and Inbox Auto Reply Messaging
"Real Estate/Rental Edition"

Fully automated to save you time
(Updated video coming soon..)

Automate it ! Take Minutes not Hours

Setup the software

Set your desired settings

Click Run

Click run on the software

Mass Market on Auto-Pilot

The software will now market for you on auto-pilot to multi cities

FB Marketplace Poster Makes Life Easy

You already know how long it takes to make posts in the marketplace.
And it can take a very long time when your having to post multiple items

What if I said you can now enter in all your items and let a software automatically post
for you on complete autopilot.  Without you having to lift a finger?

The Software has some really awesome features allowing you to
Fully customize and automate the entire process.

A list of all the features of the software can be found below

  • Select Your Accounts File (allows for multiple accounts to be loaded)
  • Select your listings csv file that will be used in the accounts selected
  • Set the number of posts to make inside each account
  • Set the min max time in seconds between each listing to wait
  • Optionally spin the title, description using TheBestSpinner
  • Optionally delete all listings before making new listings (keeps things fresh)
  • Optionally auto reply to any and all inbox messages with general message for all replies. (TheBestSpinner can be used as well)
  • Optionally Only reply to inbox messages so that it doesn't make posts on the accounts if you choose you don't want to.
  • MultiLogin profile ids can be used with accounts

As you see we have made this software Fully customizable in every way and continuing to expand on the current features that it has to accommodate all use cases.  

This software is suited for those in various industries without limits and posts in the Item for sale section of the marketplace.    

If your looking to sell/rent real-estate, apartments, rooms.  This FB Marketplace Real Estate Listing Software is what you need to succeed.

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    Easy to use
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    Quickly up and running
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    Humanized posting replicates posting as if you were doing it manually
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    Does not use the FB API so its 100% humanized

Real Human Interaction

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    It's slower posting (because it replicates you actually making the posts.)
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    Uses a real browser (Chrome) to act/look more humanized and behave as if you were posting yourself
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    No multi-threading (humans cant be in more than 1 place at a time nor will this software to be humanized)

What you can expect when you purchase

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    FB Marketplace Real Estate Listing Software
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    Access to training videos
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    Access to our world class support
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    Updates included
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    Future videos with tips and tricks using the software

Discounted for a limited time

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel this helps your business, would prefer to manually create list files and simply prefer wasting precious time, and that the software is not working properly for you then just send us a support ticket and we will de-activate your license and send you a refund. It's our promise to you :)

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I use this on a MAC?
*Only if you have a windows virtual environment.  This is a PC Software

Is this safe to use?
*Yes if you follow our recommendations you should not have any issues.  However you should always use automation software responsibly.  So lets not go trying to post in every group FB has available all at one time.

Can I run this on a server/vps?
*Yes absolutely, we recommend windows server 2016 or windows 10 server

Will I receive updates?
*Yes updates are included with subscription to software monthly.

Here today gone tomorrow?
*You can rest assured we are no fly by night product vendor.  While we understand most others put out a product to never update it, and abandon it months later that is not the type of business we practice.  We constantly update our software and build new features to make things better for our customers.

Support or questions?
*Use our support desk at the following link we would be happy to help you click here  

P.S. This offer will not be available for ever, we have it set up to increase in price as we make more updates, improvements and add extra features to the software. So lock in the cheap price while it's still available as the price will only ever go up.

P.S.S If you have any questions at all before you buy then click below and drop us a message. We are here to help :)

Have more questions?  Click here we are waiting to answer them