FB Niche Group Creator
Finder and Joining Software

Make life easier with the FB Niche Group Creator

Automate it ! Take Minutes not Hours

Create Niche Group Files

from the exported groups
to niche group files in seconds!

Find 100s/1000s of Groups

you can join easily and quickly with our group finder

Join Groups

Let the software do the heavy lifting for you by joining groups on auto-pilot

FB Niche Group Creator Makes Life Easy

You already have the Posting Software, Ability to export your joined groups and even bump posts you've made.

Now you need a way to find new groups, join them, and even make niche specific group files QUICKLY and EASILY to really boost your marketing efforts

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    Easy to use
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    Quickly create niche groups from those you exported
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    Find new groups that you can join by keyword search
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    Humanized posting replicates posting as if you were doing it manually
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    Auto join groups you tell it to join
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    Does not use the FB API, there for posts as you and not an app name

Real Human Interaction

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    It's slower posting (because it replicates you actually making searches, and joining groups)
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    Uses a real browser (Chrome) to act/look more humanized and behave as if you were posting yourself
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    No multi-threading (humans cant be in more than 1 place at a time nor will this software to be humanized)

What you can expect when you purchase

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    FB Niche Group Creator Software
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    Access to training videos
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    Access to our world class support
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    Updates for 12 months or included on subscription
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    Future videos with tips and tricks using the software

Discounted for a limited time

30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel this helps your business, would prefer to manually create list files and simply prefer wasting precious time, and that the software is not working properly for you then just send us a support ticket and we will de-activate your license and send you a refund. It's our promise to you :)

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P.S. This offer will not be available for ever, we have it set up to increase in price as we make more updates, improvements and add extra features to the software. So lock in the cheap price while it's still available as the price will only ever go up.

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